40 Days Left to My 40s2017-03-11T19:44:35-05:00

As my 50th Birthday approached, I realized I had a choice: I could quietly let it happen and no one would be the wiser or I could “shine a light on it” as they say in Hollywood and hopefully inspire some other gals along the way. Your answer is below!  #40DaysLeft2My40s

Day #33 – The Sculptor

I photographed a 77yr old sculptor and got a quick interview in with him. Wendell Dayton. #40daysleft2my40s

Day #34 – Stranger On A Plane

I met Anette from Trinidad on a United flight. She didn't think I was old enough to really have kids. She made my day! #40daysleft2my40s

Day #37 – Memorial Day

My brother served in San Diego in 1984. He died in 2007. He is part of my life journey, though not as long as I would like. #40daysleft2my40s

Day #40 – Help! I’m Scared Sh%S#less

This is my 40 day countdown to leaving my 40's. As an actress and artist living in Hollywood, growing old "gracefully" is difficult. SO I decided to grow old publicly, insouciantly, and creatively. I figured it [...]


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