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Here you’ll find videos, articles and tips from me and others that I hope will inspire you to free your mind a little bit and live a bit more!

Cruise Ships and Entrepreneurs?! What?!!

From January 7th to January 14th, I was a keynote speaker along with Branding guru and PR expert David Brier for an international business convention with entrepreneurs from Germany, USA, Siberia, Spain, France,  and Mexico. They were real estate executives, entertainment industry artists, jewelry designers, and more. […]

Huffington Post Article: What’s the Best Holiday Therapy?

Check out my article on Huffington Post here! I'm one of those people who thinks it's ok to start listening to Christmas music at the beginning of November. You see, that officially starts the holiday season. What comes to mind, when you think of November? Fall leaves, the color orange, Thanksgiving, family and vacation. Immediately after [...]

My Huffington Post Article on Stage Moms

After 18 yrs of photographing actors, I've come to the conclusion that stage mom's have an important place in the entertainment industry...not unlike a soccer mom or football dad... Click on the image below to read  

What Would You Attempt To Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

Do it today! In this site you'll find me juggling healthy fit living, doing creative designer diy projects on a budget, giving parenthood tips, hopefully inspiring you with healthy tips, inspiring you to move your body, challenge your mind and really live your life. And I’ll Help!

Italy HDR Photographs

Here are some HDR pictures I took on my Canon 5D mark2 while in Italy. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and these are created with 3 separate exposures being made and then they were merged together and adjusted in Photoshop for maximum detail.

An Unbelievable Family Reunion

For our 25th Wedding Anniversary, our friends chipped in and sent us to Italy.  His dream was to see a real soccer game and mine was to visit the town in Sicily where my grandmother was born 93yrs ago. While in Sicily something magical happened on one day without any planning or use of technology….Just me [...]

My Daughter’s NY Photography Internship

with world famous  photographer Mark Seliger….started October 25 2013. She was thrown into action as siting on a Vanity fair shoot  of Jazz Musicians due out this spring. From getting coffee and pastries, to driving equipment trucks around Times Square, to digital post work on pictures of Arcade Fire and running Mark’s Instagram account, she has been [...]

New York State of Mind

After one week of being in NY interning for  photographer Mark Seliger, my daughter shipped backed all articles of clothing containing any color  #newyorkstateofmind

The week I stayed in my Pajamas

The last time I stayed in pajamas this long was the week my daughter was born.  And now exactly 19 years later the week she left home to pursue a career in photography i remained clad in flannel nearly 4 days in a row.  Mind you I threw on an outfit for an hour or two [...]

My Job Is Awesome

I have the pleasure of shooting all types of people, from all walks of life. Needless to say, my job is awesome. Meet Jacqueline, Shelby and Samantha! Each so beautiful in their own way. <3

Joshua Tree – 1st Location

Arrived at our first location in Joshua Tree…sorry for the shaky uneventful ending to this quick vid. . Just proof that these bitchez were really there….all 115 degrees


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