From January 7th to January 14th, I was a keynote speaker along with Branding guru and PR expert David Brier for an international business convention with entrepreneurs from Germany, USA, Siberia, Spain, France,  and Mexico. They were real estate executives, entertainment industry artists, jewelry designers, and more.  I was able to show how photography and social media work hand in hand to ensure everything from Facebook posts to your blog get the most attention they can by utilizing professional imagery. I also did mini-make over photoshoots to many of the female  international attendees who literally cried when they saw a professionally styled and shot photograph of themselves. Upon arriving back at home, I’ve received many emails saying the same thing “Denice this photo has gotten more likes on Facebook than any picture I’ve ever had and it’s only been 2 days!!”  Being able to share some of these tools along with my co-hort David Brier was an exhilarating honor as we cruised through the Caribbean and I am currently figuring out my schedule to go to Munich to direct some website branding intro videos for some of the entrepreneurs I met.  If you are interested in a brand video for your website or just a new set of PR photos to really be proud of, contact me directly at