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Here are some ideas to make your home less of a house and more of a place you want to be – a home!

DIY: Favorite Gift Wrapping Ideas

My favorite way to wrap these days is by recycling fabric I have from old photo shoots. No box?, No problem!  Hip burlap, trendy muslin, stretchy polyester, chic satin....these all make great, unique, memorable textures to wrap with.     Wrap any oddly shaped gift in a circle of fabric, gather in the center, tie a silk ribbon or fabric strip tightly , then cut off like a ponytail. You’ll get a nifty rose shaped edge…the only problem is people not wanting to open this work of art 😉  I used recycled paper bags and cut [...]

DIY: Chair Makeover

 So it was time to change up the Spanish style decor of my living room and dining room to a more eclectic Manhattan Chic. I went to the Goodwill and found these brown chairs for 10 dollars each. Then a friend found the two vintage mesh chairs on the side I like free. I took apart the cushions and lined my shrubs with plastic I bought at Home Depot then used a 35 dollar electric sprayer and went to town!. I could have also just used spray paint or even a brush. The mesh chair [...]

DIY: No-Sew Curtains

I was in need of a bright idea as I just redid my kitchen and had no curtains as I got rid of the 1989 yellow aluminum blinds. I looked at the window, squinted my eyes, arms folded, then BAM! Bright idea came.....Dish Towels. SO I went to Rite Aid, yes, you heard me, Rite Aid, the drug store and for $4.99 I got 3 dish towels in my kitchen color of avocado green, heck yea!!! I put a screw in the wall on both sides and tied rope and then the best part: Attached the curtain [...]

Creative, Resourceful & Unforgettable Gift Wrapping

I'm addicted to using fabric to wrap gifts especially odd shaped objects that I just don't have a box for. I'll buy fabric when I see it on sale for about a buck a yard and I also make use of sheets . I save and reuse every ribbon ever given to me. When I find wired ribbon on sale, whether at Michaels art supply or the 99cent store, I snatch it up! You'll see in the video how magical the wired ribbon is when wrapping a gift in fabric. But you can also use twine or [...]

Liven Up A Not-So-Great Window View

The view out my kitchen window isn’t the greatest. And since it can become pretty easy to end up spending a decent amount of time at the kitchen sink, between cooking and cleaning… it’s nice to bring a little life to it! Rather than traditional kitchen curtains, I put together this, see how to here So cheap and easy! Still lets the light through, and the yellow creates such a friendly atmosphere. An herb garden in funky tea or coffee tins or mugs makes for a pretty and useful arrangement as well. Side note: It's always [...]

Burlap and Glass – Here Are Some Easy Ways to Create

Burlap and Glass Here’s some easy ways to create a gift for someone. I recommend having some burlap fabric in your wrapping paper box as it’s spectacular for adorning the lid of a jar to covering the most awkward of shapes to wrap (satin is great too). Heirloom tomatoes in a recycled glass jar is a lovely, easy hostess gift or just a little Thank You to someone. The pro at “Reuse, Reclaim, Recycle” is Whether it’s decorating for the holidays or doing a complete interior redesign they’ve got you covered!


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