I’m addicted to using fabric to wrap gifts especially odd shaped objects that I just don’t have a box for. I’ll buy fabric when I see it on sale for about a buck a yard and I also make use of sheets . I save and reuse every ribbon ever given to me. When I find wired ribbon on sale, whether at Michaels art supply or the 99cent store, I snatch it up! You’ll see in the video how magical the wired ribbon is when wrapping a gift in fabric. But you can also use twine or rafia.

I wrapped a make-up kit in brown paper bags and then cut out a few fashion pictures from a magazine I had and glue sticked them to the outside. I even used a measuring tape as the “ribbon” and a garment label as the name tag!

For a 1 year old boys birthday I bought a truck from the 99cent store and filled it with goodies.

For hostess gifts Ive bought mini  heirloom tomatoes and put them in a recycled jar with a little burlap fabric over the lid with a ribbon. Save those pretty jars…they make great containers for gifts.

The simplest gifts get the most joyous reaction when they feast their eyes on your creation!

mark_wrapping copy