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Here you’ll find photos, articles and tips from me and others that will inspire you to play with colors and styles! I modeled in my twenties, got to travel the world and see fashion from many different cultures and I feel I adopted a more European style but with a playful American Flair. For the last twenty years Ive been photographing actresses and models for beauty campaigns not to mention I have a 5’11” daughter who, herself was a model and now a fashion photographer. Chip off the old block, you think?

My Perfect Happy-Blouse!

As a woman living in Manhattan I tend to wear a lot of black but when Im not wearing black my go-to color is teal or turquoise. Why? It makes me happy! I'm a photographer and I have already loaned this blouse from Covered Perfectly a half a dozen times for photoshoots because it makes [...]

My New Favorite Top!

In my exciting new move to Manhattan, I found myself wanting to wear more swanky black and just dress it up or down depending on the occasion. Pauline, who is the founder of Covered Perfectly, has created some of the most versatile, flattering and comfortable shirts. I chose the "Cold Shoulder" style in black. It has [...]

Street Style -Chloe Pants

I'm broad shouldered and have been fortunate enough to maintain decent arms from lifting all my camera gear. I found this shirt at a flea market in Sicily. Again, those Italians and their passion for color, they do not go quietly into the night. Paired up with my Chloe pants, which are corduroy, and Fioni shoes, which match perfectly [...]

Street Style -Pucci leggings

This is one of my favorite cafes in Studio City, it happens to be on the same street that I live. It's called Aroma Cafe and it's quite the hot spot in all of Los Angeles. Serious celeb sightings, daily. As you can see from my smiles, I saw several hollywood stars that afternoon. But I [...]

Boots & Belts #7

I thought this satin jacket would be too showy but it wound up being one of my most compliments jackets I own. Sometimes you just want a light colored, lightweight jacket. It has plenty of pockets and it's easy to wash. And it adds a feminine flair to blue jeans or leather pants. I enjoy feeling comfortable, [...]

Boots & Belts #6

I just wore this today for a video shoot I hosted for The light blue and white patterned blouse is by INC, used with a simple leather laniard belt which cinches in the waist. Used with my J Brand white jeans for an almost summer look. Personally I have no problem wearing white jeans all year round. [...]

Boots & Belts #5

As a photographer I normally wear pants, but once in a while it's nice to slip a dress on and work!  I love this Calvin Klein blue tailored dress. Throw on some strappy Steve Madden booties, which I found on sale and I'm set. P.S. A chunky heel is so easy to walk in.  

Boots & Belts #4

Sunny Los Angeles has had some cold days, can you believe it! A man's Versace sweater with a cozy turtle neck under it is a fashionable and nice way to stay warm, adding the belt for the shape is important. Some fun blue Rag & Bone pants and my trusty Uggs. Ultimate comfort!

Boots & Belts #3

This is just the white theme of the all black look. I love wearing white. It always feels so light and bright. But sometimes white can make you look a little heavy so it's good to layer over it something dark. I have a few great turquoise necklaces, they bring a great pop of color. Especially with earthy [...]

Boots & Belts #2

Now that I'm 50, I really appreciate comfy clothes but still want the style of my 21yr old daughter! So I wear a base of black and spruce it up with turquoise jewelry and fabu brown boots by Carlos Santana. A lacy spaghetti strap top is comfortable but a nice shrug or light sweater keeps the chill [...]

Boots & Belts #1

It's very important for me to have a comfortable but fashionable versatile look. In a single day I will go from photoshoots to meetings to sitting at the desk retouching but I still feel It's important to make an effort. As an artist people look to you for creativity and I find that your own personal [...]


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