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Here you’ll find articles and tips on how I keep my body humming along smoothly.

Super Cleansing Celery Juice

Celery Juice has super anti-inflammatory benefits with nutrients to help you fight off illnesses, So many of its benefits are magnified by juicing them and getting that concentrated elixir right into your system. It's loaded with magnesium which is good for muscles, digestion and sleep. It keeps you hydrated while releasing water retention. It's low calorie, [...]

The Surprising Amount of Water in Fruits and Vegetables Did you know you can eat your water? We all know we need to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. But the amount of water in fruits and vegetables is far greater than you think. I will admit, Ive never been addicted to plain water like I should be. It's a content [...]

My love of Tea

I adore tea. I’ve never drank wine but tea is my closest relation to enjoying the variations and smells and subtle flavors of a drink.  Tea became a daily drink in China around 300AD The word “tea” was derived from ancient Chinese dialects. Such words as “Tchai,” “”Cha,” and “Tay” were used to describe the tea [...]

Old School Protein: Cottage Cheese and Wassa Crisp

I feel like cottage cheese has gotten the cold shoulder this last decade. I'm here to tell you game on!  It's back. A truly healthy eating style includes high protein and a low glycemic index which helps sustain energy and curb sugar cravings. Did you know that 4 oz of low fat cottage cheese has 14grams [...]

Super Lo-Fat, Gluten-Free, Apple “Pie”

When you are craving something sweet and warm and when you only feel you can afford the calories of an apple, then try whipping up this tasty satisfying recipe. This is hardcore, no frills and ya know what, its amazing!! I searched Pinterest and the internet for a written out version of  what I've been making [...]

Recipe: Italian Sicilan Stuffed Artichoke

Start with trimming the top off - those pinchy tips. Immerse  and rinse in lemon water in a bowl. The lemon helps prevent browning.  Finely chop the stems as they are to be used in the stuffing, remember they are part of the heart and are YUMMY! Stems  Stuff with Italian Seasoned breadcrumbs (Progresso are my [...]

Recipe: Skinny Asian Salad

This is a salad you can make from all the hardy veggies in your fridge that never (hardly) go bad or wilt.  It's filling,  detoxifying  and tasty. And the magic ingredient is Annie's Shitake Sesame and Annie's Asian Sesame Dressing. Ingredients: Equal amounts of: Chopped celery Chopped or shredded carrots Chopped red cabbage Cucumber and a [...]

Recipe: Green Pesto Dressing

This dressing can be used as a dip or a spread or on salads or on quinoa or pasta! Put in a blender: 1/4 cup olive oil 2-3 teaspoons of (raw- if available) honey 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice 1 1/4 tsp sea salt 1/3 to 1 cup  cup of water depending on use 2 bags pre-washed [...]

Dressed Up Cake Ball Arrangement

I'm kind of a fan of this fad called a cake balls.  Now they make all kinds of machines attachments to help you get the perfect round ball but I'm still a purist and just follow the old youtube videos from 2008 when I first discovered these tasty life-of-the-party morsels.  My daughter started to make them [...]

Blend Yer Leftovers!

Blend Yer Leftovers!! Leftover roasted chicken and veggies? Waste not want not! I put them in a blender with water, chicken broth powder and a bit of olive oil (because I swear olive oil is a cure along with garlic). It made a creamy smooth soup that I shared with friends as it made [...]

Healthy Junk Food

Healthy Junk Food So every now and then I buy fruit cups. Either chopped fruit or applesauce. Granted it’s not as healthy as whole fresh fruit but to throw in a lunch box for my kid or to satisfy a sweet tooth  of mine after 5 straight hours of photo editing on the computer, [...]

Drink Your Veggies

Drink Your Veggies! This entry is inspired by personal trainer and fitness consultant Guy La Brusciano. He actually got my husband to eat raw green vegetables which is something i couldn’t do for almost 2 decades!   Here’s his delicious drinkable recipe: 1 cup of raw kale 2 cups of raw spinach 1/2 [...]


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