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Here you’ll find articles and tips on how I keep my body humming along smoothly.

Protein Cottage Cheese – Yes!

 PROTEIN!!! Cottage Cheese?? YES! A 4 oz (113 g) serving of 4% fat product has 14 grams of protein. It also contains 70 mg calcium One egg has 6 grams of protein so after you’ve eaten all your hard boiled Easter Eggs pick up some cottage cheese. Personally I like it savory with spices on it like “Spike” [...]

Charming Aesthetician

Jennifer Charm is an aesthetician who my daughter and I have been going to for years. I asked her what inexpensive home item can be used for facials. Specifically an exfoliant for me and an acne treatment for Paris. She recommended baking soda for me and honey for Paris. I just added a few [...]

I’m Nuts Nuts Nuts

I’M NUTS NUTS NUTS!! Okay, nuts and seeds to be accurate. I like to have nuts around to snack on, particularly walnuts. They have a meaty cheesy sensation and take some time and work to get open which keeps me from going overboard. I keep a bowl of them on my kitchen counter as [...]

Soup, Soup, Soup

SOUP SOUP SOUP!!! It’s been cold and the fridge a bit bare.  But in 15 minutes this soup was made. Sauteed a full white onion, spinach and parsley that was on its last leg was then added I added  the last 2 carrots in my fridge  w/ 2 cups of water and also one [...]

Blended Soup with Italian Parsley

I bought Italian parsley and spinach at the Pacific Pallisades Farmers Market and its been 5 days so…lets use it in a soup i thought! Not to mention I needed my fill of dark green veggies. (They allow me to eat Pizza every once in awhile) Fresh onion and garlic are better than vitamins to me [...]

Take the Stairs

Take the STAIRS instead of the elevator or escalator. Its good for your butt and great to keep your knees lubricated and healthy. Every little bit helps!    

A Few of our Favorite Snacks

Here are a few of our favourite snacks: Mine (Paris) are Simply Grapefruit juice. Grapefruit has been known as a natural fat burner because of its high acidic content. This brand isnt from concentrate its just… Simply Grapefruit juice. My other snacks are swiss cheese and then salted & roasted cashews. I know that [...]

Healthy doesn’t always mean expensive!

While browsing at the 99c store for party supplies, we spotted some great fruits and vegetables.I wouldn't make a habit of buying fruits and veggies here as they are most likely not organic BUT....Hey it beats buying Doritos and cupcakes for a snack, right?!  It is usually very ripe and ready to eat! Here is how [...]

Asian Style Cucumber Salad

Asian Style Cucumber Salad Today at the 99c store my daughter and I took advantage of all of the fruits and vegetables. Here’s one easy snack we like. Ingredients: 4 small cucumbers or 2 large ones About 1/2 a cup of Rice Vinegar (or white vinegar with 2 table spoons of sugar. Yes folks, [...]


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