SOUP SOUP SOUP!!! It’s been cold and the fridge a bit bare.  But in 15 minutes this soup was made.

Sauteed a full white onion,

spinach and parsley that was on its last leg was then added

I added  the last 2 carrots in my fridge  w/ 2 cups of water

and also one can of corn w/ its water

add salt and a little onion powder to taste

one cup of coconut milk (optional- ‘cause I had it!)

Simmer the whole thing till the carrots are cooled then ladle it into your blender and emulsify into a yummy nutritious meal. The corn, carrots and coconut milk gives it  a sweet satisfying flavor and the greens and onions are super healthy for you. You won’t even need bread!! ….okay, we always want bread but you’ll be full after two mugs of this!