When I hit the taboo age of 40, after being married for 17 years and still being able to fit into my wedding dress, I realized I had been doing some things right.

As a photographer and actress in Los Angeles I was intimately aware of women’s bodies and how they change but I saw how mine wasn’t really changing. One day a woman asked me, “How do you keep your shape?” Just as I was about to chat with her, a friend cut me off and said “Don’t ask her, she’s naturally thin!” It really ticked me off. And I bit my tongue and thought “Heck no! I’m in my 40’s and live in a toxic world of fast food and processed food, so I MUST be making some conscious mindful choices when it comes to eating.”

And that’s exactly what I now work on with people; how to make food choices that aren’t based on only how you will look but also how you will feel. Little by little you will completely change the your relationship with food. My daughter’s body type is very different from mine but it’s been so rewarding to see how she has adopted my mindful eating habits even within the fast paced, fast food culture of a teenage lifestyle.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.” Having been raised by my New York – Italian family I’ve figured out how to have the delicious AND the discipline.

In life you’re either getting better or you are getting worse. Nothing stays the same, it’s a law of the physical universe!

I find anything that makes you happy and isn’t harmful should be enjoyed. All the time.

Marriage questions? Do you need another viewpoint that’s positive and proactive to help get you through a tough time?

Are you an actor, musician, or writer with artistic pursuits you want to fulfill but can’t jumpstart it?

Quicker decision-making?

How about super cheap and easy tips on how to start to slim your body down, flatten that tummy and feel more energetic?

Throwing a party and want ideas?

Maybe some inexpensive DIY ideas tailored to YOUR home or Apartment?

Sometimes you just want a creative and experienced ear to help talk you through the process. I’m your gal.

I’m like the BFF you get to hire!

60 Minute Exploration Session

Want to chat for a bit and get to know me and see how I can help before jumping in for a longer term commitment?  I got you covered.

When I walk down stairs now I find I have a bounce in my step. It may seem insignificant, but things like that – and being able to easily tie my shoes are really big changes for me. Thank you Denice for your guidance. Excited for the future!

Really Living Life 3 Month Transformation

Ready to jump in and start living the life you have wanted, or maybe used to but somehow lost it along the way? This is the package for you.  I get deep and personal and you will be different when we’re done, in all the most awesome ways!