I’M NUTS NUTS NUTS!! Okay, nuts and seeds to be accurate. I like to have nuts around to snack on, particularly walnuts. They have a meaty cheesy sensation and take some time and work to get open which keeps me from going overboard. I keep a bowl of them on my kitchen counter as I find myself trolling for snacks all too often. If I worked in an office I would have a bowl of walnuts by the copier.

I also love eating seeds. As a kid I remember licking the seeds from the bottom of that NY bag of bagels: caraway, rye, sesame, and poppy (and of course salt and garlic pieces!) Yum! I buy toasted sesame  seeds in the asian section of the supermarket and I shake a bunch in my hand for a crunchy snack. Recently I have added flax seeds. Flax oil is excellent for you but it makes me gag. Oddly enough I actually enjoy putting a teaspoon full of the flax seeds in my mouth and crunching them down as is.  Sure, you can add them to a salad too but then you miss the opportunity to have them as a separate snack all by themselves…get it?!  😉