Dressed Up Cake Ball Arrangement

I'm kind of a fan of this fad called a cake balls.  Now they make all kinds of machines attachments to help you get the perfect round ball but I'm still a purist and just follow the old youtube videos from 2008 when I first discovered these tasty life-of-the-party morsels.  My daughter started to make them in high school for [...]

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Healthy Junk Food

Healthy Junk Food So every now and then I buy fruit cups. Either chopped fruit or applesauce. Granted it’s not as healthy as whole fresh fruit but to throw in a lunch box for my kid or to satisfy a sweet tooth  of mine after 5 straight hours of photo editing on the computer, i’d say it’s a  convenient, healthy, [...]

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I’m Nuts Nuts Nuts

I’M NUTS NUTS NUTS!! Okay, nuts and seeds to be accurate. I like to have nuts around to snack on, particularly walnuts. They have a meaty cheesy sensation and take some time and work to get open which keeps me from going overboard. I keep a bowl of them on my kitchen counter as I find myself trolling [...]

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