Healthy Junk Food

So every now and then I buy fruit cups. Either chopped fruit or applesauce. Granted it’s not as healthy as whole fresh fruit but to throw in a lunch box for my kid or to satisfy a sweet tooth  of mine after 5 straight hours of photo editing on the computer, i’d say it’s a  convenient, healthy, and smart choice.

Now the fact that my daughter graduated High School this June is a whole other matter for discussion. While we were re-doing our kitchen I was cleaning our our cupboards and started throwing out tupperwares. Tupperware containers that would hold her lunches that I would NO LONGER BE MAKING! I sobbed. Yep, i weeped uncontrollably. I tear up as I write this 2 months AFTER the fact. I never realized what an important and emotional ritual it has been for me to make my daughters school lunches. I’ll even miss how mad I got when she would forget to bring her lunch or didn’t eat the veggies I painstakingly and artfully cleaned and cut. SInce she turned 2 she has been in school eating the lunches I have made by hand, put in very specific containers to hold the carrots separate from the cheese, separate from the salad dressing separate from the cashews…. 15 years later I stand in the very same kitchen at the end of my tenure not realizing a job well done (as I should) but with an emptiness of my one and only child who no longer needs my services. Sigh…. But then, I look at my pretty new kitchen of Carrera marble and my porcelain farm house sink and I realize I have at least 15 more years of designer meals I get to prepare for her and my husband and our friends and, best of all, I have time to  BLOG about it now that I do not have to wake up at 7am just to make her lunch!!