I’m kind of a fan of this fad called a cake balls.  Now they make all kinds of machines attachments to help you get the perfect round ball but I’m still a purist and just follow the old youtube videos from 2008 when I first discovered these tasty life-of-the-party morsels.  My daughter started to make them in high school for her friends bdays and let me tell you, you’ll never find a more willing audience for cake balls then a group of hungry, hormonal, high school kids. (Disclaimer: I’m ALL about healthy lunches packed with natural food, fruits, and fresh veggies. This is special occasion only)


I recently made a batch as party favors that I brought to a birthday dinner party. I got the clear glass mugs for 99cents a piece and then put three vanilla dipped, walnut topped cake balls in a cello bag wrapped with ribbon and placed them in a mug with a hand written tag for each guest with the bday girls name on it!CakeBallMug_web



We always have colored sprinkles on hand to toss on the freshly dipped ball or splatter with a dipped fork in a contrasting color of melted candy-chocolate and it makes it pretty and hides any flaws.  I’ve put them on sticks with little paper cut outs under them to look like leaves


I had pink colored foam from the 99cent store and cut a slice to fit into a glass vase then stuck the sticks into it and and added some paper grass I had saved from a present given to me months ago.  It took only a few extra minutes to make these average looking cake balls appear super cute!!!… I’m all about deception …er…um…. I mean presentation 😉

cake_balls cake_ballweb


cakeballssticks photo 4

You will be invited into any house or party when you bring these babies.

Mangia Bene!