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DIY: Favorite Gift Wrapping Ideas

My favorite way to wrap these days is by recycling fabric I have from old photo shoots. No box?, No problem!  Hip burlap, trendy muslin, stretchy polyester, chic satin....these all make great, unique, memorable textures to wrap with.     Wrap any oddly shaped gift in a circle of fabric, gather in the center, tie a silk ribbon or fabric [...]

Liven Up A Not-So-Great Window View

The view out my kitchen window isn’t the greatest. And since it can become pretty easy to end up spending a decent amount of time at the kitchen sink, between cooking and cleaning… it’s nice to bring a little life to it! Rather than traditional kitchen curtains, I put together this, see how to here So cheap and easy! Still [...]

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Dressed Up Cake Ball Arrangement

I'm kind of a fan of this fad called a cake balls.  Now they make all kinds of machines attachments to help you get the perfect round ball but I'm still a purist and just follow the old youtube videos from 2008 when I first discovered these tasty life-of-the-party morsels.  My daughter started to make them in high school for [...]

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Glass Containers

 GLASS CONTAINERS! Here are some more ideas from Brownstonedesigns.com on recycling/reusing glass jars for pantry items, a vase for a hand towel holder, and an apothecary jar to hold those little perfume bottles. You can spray paint the lids for a uniform look and use your p-touch for labeling….and if you DO do that, then YOU should be [...]

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I Can’t Contain Myself!

I love glass containers and so does my designer friend Melinda of BrownstoneDesigns.com We came up with this idea as a Mothers Day party favor. Downtown LA has all the glass jar contains for cheap. Paper Source and Michael’s Arts Supply has colored sticky labels and vintage hang tags.  You can even hot glue a button on it! [...]

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DIY Makeover!! We Did it Ourselves

DIY MAKEOVER!! We did it ourselves. A 25 thousand dollar makeover for 5 grand.  No structural changes were made. Only paint, fixtures, hardware, changed the formica to marble, changed the electric stove to gas, used inexpensive subway tile for the backsplash and changed the metal 2-compartment sink to a porcelain farmhouse one.  I swear I am eating healthier [...]

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Burlap and Glass – Here Are Some Easy Ways to Create

Burlap and Glass Here’s some easy ways to create a gift for someone. I recommend having some burlap fabric in your wrapping paper box as it’s spectacular for adorning the lid of a jar to covering the most awkward of shapes to wrap (satin is great too). Heirloom tomatoes in a recycled glass jar is a lovely, easy [...]


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