My favorite way to wrap these days is by recycling fabric I have from old photo shoots. No box?, No problem!  Hip burlap, trendy muslin, stretchy polyester, chic satin….these all make great, unique, memorable textures to wrap with.


wrapping2 tomatoe jar Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 11.14.05 PM

Wrap any oddly shaped gift in a circle of fabric, gather in the center, tie a silk ribbon or fabric strip tightly , then cut off like a ponytail. You’ll get a nifty rose shaped edge…the only problem is people not wanting to open this work of art 😉


presentBoxweb I used recycled paper bags and cut out fashion pictures from magazines and adhered them with glue sticks and wrapped it with a roll of measuring tape as a bow. Inside was a makeup carrying case for a 13 year old girl.  This was such a great way to wrap it.

ToyTruckweb I found this toy truck at the 99 cent store and filled it with goodies as I had to attend a last minute kids party.

To see how some of these are done, check out my video.