DIY: Chair Makeover

IMG_6842 So it was time to change up the Spanish style decor of my living room and dining room to a more eclectic Manhattan Chic. I went to the Goodwill and found these brown chairs for 10 dollars each. Then a friend found the two vintage mesh chairs on the side walk…free. I like free. I took apart the cushions and lined my shrubs with plastic I bought at Home Depot then used a 35 dollar electric sprayer and went to town!. I could have also just used spray paint or even a brush. The mesh chair really needed the spray though.   You can buy new foam batting from the fabric store to freshen it up but I was in a hurry with a deadline and just covered over the old. I even spray painted my rod iron couch table and coffee table….I was on a white spray painting rampage! See the video below.

IMG_7480 IMG_7478



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