Here are a few of our favourite snacks:

Mine (Paris) are Simply Grapefruit juice. Grapefruit has been known as a natural fat burner because of its high acidic content. This brand isnt from concentrate its just… Simply Grapefruit juice. My other snacks are swiss cheese and then salted & roasted cashews. I know that these are both high calorie foods, but the protein amount in both are great. Cashews are a great fatty protein that keeps your body going. Swiss cheese is just fantastic in general.

My mom’s snacks are Jasmine Pearl tea, which can be hot or iced, seaweed boxes and puffed rice cereal with brown sugar as her sweet treat. She is obsessed with these seaweed boxes. They are a great replacement to chips. We saw that 15 Baked Lays chips are 120 calories whereas 1/2 the box of seaweed is only 30 calories. Now her puffed rice with a bit of brown sugar is heavenly. It is much better for you than any of the other sugar cereals. Also putting in the brown sugar yourself allows you to see how much you’re using. She calls it her comfort food.