This is a salad you can make from all the hardy veggies in your fridge that never (hardly) go bad or wilt.  It’s filling,  detoxifying  and tasty. And the magic ingredient is Annie’s Shitake Sesame and Annie’s Asian Sesame Dressing.


Equal amounts of:

Chopped celery

Chopped or shredded carrots

Chopped red cabbage


and a little less of:

Chopped scallions, green onions or red/white onions

Then add the Annie’s Asian Dressing and scarf it down. Weight loss here I come!!!


As an alternative you can just chop up red cabbage which is soooo excellent for the skin and metabolism and create a fast tasty salad. You should get Bragg liquid Aminos which is like soy sauce but healthier and Bragg Apple Cider vinegar which is cleansing for the gut, crush some fresh garlic and shake some toasted sesame seeds….Trust me….you will crave this salad once you have made it!!

Red cabbage

Cabbage salad ingredients