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Did you know you can eat your water? We all know we need to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. But the amount of water in fruits and vegetables is far greater than you think. I will admit, Ive never been addicted to plain water like I should be. It’s a content chore for me to throw back a bottle of water. But clear water with nothing in it is the best route because it doesn’t give your body anything to do. Therefore it can just flush and detox your system.

It’s important to have clear fluids that don’t trigger your body to DO something. Here’s why:

  1. Juice Your body has to metabolize the  natural sugars
  2. Tea & Coffee Your body processes the caffeine
  3. Nut Milks Your body digests the vitamins and minerals But here is another way to keep yourself hydrated and healthy and also satiated at the same time…Eat fruits and veggies that contain high sources of h20!

Iceberg Lettuce as a nutritional option?!

You know that dark green lettuces, most noteworthy, kale and spinach are top-notch nutritional foods as compared to iceberg lettuce BUT if you find yourself at Denny’s, at your parents home, at a chili cook-off fair, or a PTA meeting and all they have is iceberg lettuce, don’t eschew it, chew it!! As a result, you will be giving your body the water it desperately needs to keep that metabolism working strong and also your skin glowing!

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