Drink Your Veggies!

This entry is inspired by personal trainer and fitness consultant Guy La Brusciano. www.fitnesstherightway.com He actually got my husband to eat raw green vegetables which is something i couldn’t do for almost 2 decades!  

Here’s his delicious drinkable recipe:

1 cup of raw kale

2 cups of raw spinach

1/2 cup of water

1 cup of orange juice

1 banana

1 cup frozen strawberries

put in blender and blend up that bad boy!

Now if your uber cautious of  fruit sugar you can use a half a banana, more water and less juice. I’m just so thrilled that my husband eats raw leafy greens a few times a week! I think when I told him I wanted to live to be 101 yrs old he decided then that he’ll have to live to be 104 yrs old so that I wont be alone..hence the healthier food choices….