For our 25th Wedding Anniversary, our friends chipped in and sent us to Italy.  His dream was to see a real soccer game and mine was to visit the town in Sicily where my grandmother was born 93yrs ago. While in Sicily something magical happened on one day without any planning or use of technology….Just me and 2 bad photocopies of a picture of my great-grandmother and a street in her village. I had just wanted to see the street of the town in Sicily. I had no prior information on any actual family members still living in Sicily as my grandmother was an only child and lives in NY currently. Our drive to Sperlinga from Palermo led us to a cafe/gas station, where we met 3 jovial italian gentlemen, who knew the street and drove with us to the town scholar’s house (who was dyeing his hair), who took us to a direct family member based on my great grandmothers maiden name, who called her son who drove one hour to meet me, and brought his family and a box of photos of my grandmother and great grandmother…photos that I personally have too!…oh, and they told me the  house in the photo I had (which was a famous postcard for the town) was my great-grandmothers house…and the family still owned it…AND I got to spend the night in it…..