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Here you’ll find videos, articles and tips from me and others that I hope will inspire you to free your mind a little bit and live a bit more!

Easter Bunny Wears a Cowboy Hat

This year our Easter Bunny wore a Cowboy Hat! We head to Bonnie Springs Ranch just 20 minutes from Las Vegas for our annual Easter Trip. We got to meet Bonnie herself who is in her 90’s and is full of spit and vinegar. She bought this land decades ago when she was a [...]

Carolyn Sapp Daniels Photo Shoot

Carolyne Sapp Daniels aka: Miss America 1992 Boy, do I love shooting my new Vintage Series entitled “My Grandmother’s Bracelet”

How to Stay Happily Married to a Musician

How to Stay Happily Married to a Musician: Just keep creating projects with them: Photo shoots, videos, concerts, marketing tools….. This link is the music video I shot and directed. We filmed it on my Canon 5D. Me and my husband were both  actors and cameramen in it. And when we were both in [...]

Stills from the music video “Daylight”

Stills from the music video “Daylight” written by Michael Duff, shot and directed by Denice Duff and  inspired by the Del Shores play “Trials and Tribulation of a Trailer Trash Housewife” and now the movie with Octavia spencer “Blues for Willadean”

Things My Husband Says

My husband said “I didn’t get you live flowers for this Valentines Day, Instead I got you really really really dead ones.” - (He got me Tea from Bird Pick in Pasadena)

Yesterday I’m On the Phone… Again

Funny Story: Yesterday I’m on the phone with my friend and we are both driving around LA- separately. After about 30 minutes(still on phone) I pull into a Jack in the Box located across the street from my daughters school. I had time to kill and an empty stomach. At that moment my friend [...]


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