Funny Story: Yesterday I’m on the phone with my friend and we are both driving around LA- separately. After about 30 minutes(still on phone) I pull into a Jack in the Box located across the street from my daughters school. I had time to kill and an empty stomach. At that moment my friend says “Hold on a sec I’m going to order some food. ‘Yes, I’d like to have a Spicy Jack chicken sandwich’…” I interrupted and said “Wait a sec, are you at a Jack in the Box?!!”  ”Yes” she said. “Me too!”  And I proceeded to order my two tacos, side salad and unsweetened ice tea. What are the odds?!!

But the real lesson here is after I indulge in fast food, I make sure to eat a a bunch of raw veggies that same day.  So today it was a whole bag of mixed lettuces plus  fresh purple cabbage and I added the crappy Jack salad to my bowl as well (hence the shredded carrots- I dont like shredded carrots on a salad btw). I added half an avocado as well but thats totally optional and more caloric if you are counting. The important thing is eat the entire bowl of  dark green salad…every bit of it. And don’t let your cat drink your ice the tea! He can get his own when he get opposable thumbs.


  • Many shakes of olive oil
  • juice from half a lemon
  • two garlic cloves- slivered
  • a couple dashes of garlic powder-it infuses faster for flavor but lacks in health value (hence adding the real deal cloves as well)

NOTE: whenever you can use raw onion or garlic cloves do it as they are natural antibiotics and I attribute my immunity to regular consumption of them.