This was 6 days before my 50th bday but I posted it 3 days later. I bit the bullet and accepted the generous gift of a photo shoot by celebrity photographer Ray Kachatorian for my 50th birthday countdown. I’ve always felt doing something like this would come across at flaunting or boastful or …whatever….certainly a reason to be “attacked” Because whether you are happy with your body or unhappy with your body, people will say things. Whether its “OMG she’s so overweight, how could she wear that” or “Look at that skinny bitch, who does she think she is?!” either way you will get haters. Well I finally said F*#% it!! and decided to celebrate my body and how hard Ive worked to keep it the way my husband likes it for the last 26 years of marriage..and personally I think thats a pretty noble cause….oh, yea, and the fact that my latest physical exam tested as a healthy 23yr old. Theres that. Because at the end of the day being healthy and pain-free so I can enjoy my life and my work and my daughter and one day, in the future, play with my grandkids, THAT is what getting and staying fit is ALL about.