“Don’t have a cow, man!” Yes, my guest is the voice of the most famous 10yr. old boy, Bart Simpson. Nancy Cartwright is not only my mani-pedi buddy, homebirth coach for Paris’s birth, but one of the most prolific and creative  humanitarian party throwers I know! But with parties come calories and so Nancy has got her health routine down to maintain her petite physique during her super busy schedule. Last week I went by for lunch and watched her throw these pancakes together and had to grab my iPhone and shoot the process. ” Niecey D, whatcha doin?!” she said as I grabbed 2 more eggs from her fridge. “Well I want to share this recipe on my Blog so I need to photograph the ingredients”  “Awww, sweet!” said Nance quick to oblige and find me the right plate and fork to shoot my pics.

Here’s here recipe for her super low fat, super high protein pancakes:

2 tablespoons yogurt 

2 tablespoons oat bran

2 egg whites

mix in a little bowl. Makes 6 small pancakes

Nancy’s Special Topping: yogurt,  touch of sweetener and a spoonful of vanilla protein powder

You can shake some cinnamon sugar and maple syrup on them as well. This is her way of getting uber amounts of protein for a family breakfast. We actually ate them unsweetened and dipped them in a chicken vegetable stew like healthier chunks of bread!!