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Okay people, I’ll admit it, Im not a big water fan. Ill do it but I have always found a way around it. Growing up we lived on Powdered Nestea Ice Tea . Now I am a tea brewing snob! I also adore lemonade! It gives me my necessary hydration since our body is 60% water. Water is such a beauty fluid. It helps remove waste, prevent wrinkles, and keep your spine and organ tissues flexible!!  But I need to flavor my water and sometimes homemade lemonade can taste bitter or like dirt or just strange depending on the types of lemons you have picked. I worked at Hot Dog on Stick (a famous Corn Dog Lemonade chain on the west coast) when I was 16yrs old and the lemonade is just Water, Sugar, Citric Acid and pounded lemon peel zest. We would literally pound the cut and squeezed lemon peels in a big old fashioned  “butter churning looking metal container. Boy, customers loved watching that as we did it right at the counter. It was like the excited of seeing the Krispy Cream hot donut sign lit only this was “Hey, look the girls are pounding the lemonade…let’s watch!”  You can customize your lemonade with fresh  raspberries, fruit tea bags, a pinch of brown sugar and/or a couple drops of vanilla. Of course there is always peppermint leaves too. I’ve been known to skip a lunch or two because I filled up on good old fashioned sugared lemonade while sitting at my computer…….cheers!