Well, it finally happened… after 45 years of living in Los Angeles, I had to move to New York City to get the chance to make a trip to Hawaii.

Crazy! First time there ever. So, of course, I packed my favorite shirt!

New York in February is quite cold and I tend to wear black so I was in heaven packing for this trip. I wore my Covered Perfectly Cold Shoulder white blouse for 2 out of the 4 days that I was in Hawaii (Yep, I kept it spotless, I love it THAT much).

One of my jobs is I’m a professional photographer and I photograph a lot of women so I am sensitive to the ever changing bodies of mature women and THIS  blouse with its 3/4 sleeves, loose midriff and longer waist line gives you all the confidence in ALL the right areas. And that peek a boo shoulder is so adorably photogenic… at least that’s what my husband keeps telling me #itsHISfavoriteshirttoo

Buy 2 get a 3rd FREE! Sucha deal!