An Unbelievable Family Reunion

For our 25th Wedding Anniversary, our friends chipped in and sent us to Italy.  His dream was to see a real soccer game and mine was to visit the town in Sicily where my grandmother was born 93yrs ago. While in Sicily something magical happened on one day without any planning or use of technology….Just me and 2 bad photocopies [...]

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My Daughter’s NY Photography Internship

with world famous  photographer Mark Seliger….started October 25 2013. She was thrown into action as siting on a Vanity fair shoot  of Jazz Musicians due out this spring. From getting coffee and pastries, to driving equipment trucks around Times Square, to digital post work on pictures of Arcade Fire and running Mark’s Instagram account, she has been thrown into the thick [...]

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Liven Up A Not-So-Great Window View

The view out my kitchen window isn’t the greatest. And since it can become pretty easy to end up spending a decent amount of time at the kitchen sink, between cooking and cleaning… it’s nice to bring a little life to it! Rather than traditional kitchen curtains, I put together this, see how to here So cheap and easy! Still [...]

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If I spent the rest of my life directing music videos, I’d be a happy woman

If I spent the rest of my life directing music videos, I’d be a happy woman. This month I had the honor to write and direct a music video for the great jazz/blues singer Izzy Chait. Thanks to Frankie Guerrero, Avalon Peterson, Dane Christensen. Paula Present, Jamie Fisher, Dan Czerwonka, and the fabulous M Bar in Hollywood we [...]

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