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Really Living Life was born out of my videos, Facebook posts and questions from friends on a daily basis about what I do to stay trim, enthused about life, my DIY décor tips, running multiple creative careers, and being still so in love with my damn husband.

I always believed when the purpose was truly noble, that no harm could come to my work schedule….But NOT doing something to help someone would always result in me feeling less about myself……so therein lies the “selfishness” of help.

So are you ready? Lets dive into this together!

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An awesome tripod I use for almost all of my Live videos!

Coaching Success!

When I walk down stairs now I find I have a bounce in my step. It may seem insignificant, but things like that – and being able to easily tie my shoes are really big changes for me. Thank you Denice for your guidance. Excited for the future!

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Latest From The Blog

Day #10 Happy Birthday to my Italian Momma

An emotional Happy Birthday wish to the unique qualities of my NY Italian Mother. All the things that might seem annoying suddenly are the most joyful charming gifts as we get older and farther from our loved ones…


Day #12 with TED Talk’s Lauren Selman

Day #12 with Ted Talk’s Lauren Selman, who is also one of the producers of the Academy Awards show. She is AAAAMAAAAZING!!

Lauren Selman who appeared on a Ted Talk about her bicycle marathon experience was in my photo studio and we discussed her upcoming Iron Man marathon.

#40daysleft2my40s […]

Day #13 Mother Daughter Watching Old Videos

Me and my daughter reminisce watching old videos. Let this be an inspiration of why you document your life. There will be those days where you need a little trip back down memory lane to a sweeter time to re-inspire you to keep moving forward. If “the Present” is a gift you […]

Day #14 My 5th Grade Diary

I stumbled upon my 5th grade diary and broke the lock and read aloud from it only to be astounded by what I found!


Old School Protein: Cottage Cheese and Wassa Crisp

I feel like cottage cheese has gotten the cold shoulder this last decade. I’m here to tell you game on!  It’s back.

A truly healthy eating style includes high protein and a low glycemic index which helps sustain energy and curb sugar cravings. Did you know that 4 oz of low fat cottage […]

Super Lo-Fat, Gluten-Free, Apple “Pie”

When you are craving something sweet and warm and when you only feel you can afford the calories of an apple, then try whipping up this tasty satisfying recipe. This is hardcore, no frills and ya know what, its amazing!!

I searched Pinterest and the internet for a written out version of  what […]

DIY: No-Sew Curtains

I was in need of a bright idea as I just redid my kitchen and had no curtains as I got rid of the 1989 yellow aluminum blinds. I looked at the window, squinted my eyes, arms folded, then BAM! Bright idea came…..Dish Towels. SO I went to Rite Aid, yes, you […]