Blend Yer Leftovers!

Blend Yer Leftovers!! Leftover roasted chicken and veggies? Waste not want not! I put them in a blender with water, chicken broth powder and a bit of olive oil (because I swear olive oil is a cure along with garlic). It made a creamy smooth soup that I shared with friends as it made soooo much and was [...]

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Healthy Junk Food

Healthy Junk Food So every now and then I buy fruit cups. Either chopped fruit or applesauce. Granted it’s not as healthy as whole fresh fruit but to throw in a lunch box for my kid or to satisfy a sweet tooth  of mine after 5 straight hours of photo editing on the computer, i’d say it’s a  convenient, healthy, [...]

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Raspberry Lemonade Tea With Mint

Rasberry Lemonade Tea with Mint Yea, yea, I know! You’re thinking “That’s a lot of ingredients to put in a damn drink!” but I couldn’t help myself. Ever since  we re-did our kitchen I love being in it and creating pretty things to eat and drink - but first photographing them! I had made an herbal fruit tea [...]

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Drink Your Veggies

Drink Your Veggies! This entry is inspired by personal trainer and fitness consultant Guy La Brusciano. He actually got my husband to eat raw green vegetables which is something i couldn’t do for almost 2 decades!   Here’s his delicious drinkable recipe: 1 cup of raw kale 2 cups of raw spinach 1/2 cup of water 1 [...]

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Protein Cottage Cheese – Yes!

 PROTEIN!!! Cottage Cheese?? YES! A 4 oz (113 g) serving of 4% fat product has 14 grams of protein. It also contains 70 mg calcium One egg has 6 grams of protein so after you’ve eaten all your hard boiled Easter Eggs pick up some cottage cheese. Personally I like it savory with spices on it like “Spike” or other pre-mixed poultry [...]

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I’m Nuts Nuts Nuts

I’M NUTS NUTS NUTS!! Okay, nuts and seeds to be accurate. I like to have nuts around to snack on, particularly walnuts. They have a meaty cheesy sensation and take some time and work to get open which keeps me from going overboard. I keep a bowl of them on my kitchen counter as I find myself trolling [...]

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Soup, Soup, Soup

SOUP SOUP SOUP!!! It’s been cold and the fridge a bit bare.  But in 15 minutes this soup was made. Sauteed a full white onion, spinach and parsley that was on its last leg was then added I added  the last 2 carrots in my fridge  w/ 2 cups of water and also one can of corn w/ [...]

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A Few of our Favorite Snacks

Here are a few of our favourite snacks: Mine (Paris) are Simply Grapefruit juice. Grapefruit has been known as a natural fat burner because of its high acidic content. This brand isnt from concentrate its just… Simply Grapefruit juice. My other snacks are swiss cheese and then salted & roasted cashews. I know that these are both high [...]

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